The Story of Middlemarch

Middlemarch comes from the imagination of Sarah Kaplan, a jewelry obsessive, creative soul, and merchant from birth.

The store was born in 2019, the love child of her previous venture, Dovecote, a home design store and Westport icon for nearly 20 years. Middlemarch is a gift to kindred jewelry lovers: a one-of-a-kind collection, carefully selected from artisans, goldsmiths and estates around the world.

Sarah is strong-minded and kind and has a style—and vision—all her own. One that′s been attracting attention (raves, swoons) for more than 25 years.

Her adventure in the merchant arts began at the legendary Neiman Marcus. After learning her trade as a buyer in the Dallas headquarters, she moved on to the groundbreaking (and much missed) Barney′s New York, working in Buying and Product Development during their halcyon years.

Following her destiny to expand her taste-making range and build her own retail "empire", Sarah opened Great Jones Home in Seattle, a much-loved home and design store that was an instant success. She eventually landed back on the East Coast, where she followed up with Dovecote, the Westport home store featuring an impeccably tasteful and endlessly playful mix of antique and modern furnishings that Sarah collected all over the world.

A destination for stylish shoppers world wide, Dovecote was named Architectural Digest Magazine′s ″Best Design Store,″ topped Connecticut Magazine′s ″Best in Connecticut″ list (for eight straight years) and sealed Sarah′s reputation as a taste-maker.

Middlemarch - a jewel box fully realized as a store - is the latest step in Sarah′s brilliant, very chic, career. A petite and charming destination in the heart of Westport, Connecticut where you will always discover a meticulously curated, one-of-a-kind collection of jewelry, accessories and other objects she loves.