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″I have bowls full of jewelry. I like to look at it, touch it, try it on. But I never really wear it.″

—Middlemarch owner, 
Sarah Kaplan

Dovecote display case

Get the idea? Sarah isn′t like anyone else. (Bowls of jewelry?)

She′s strong minded and kind and has a style—and vision—all her own. One that′s been attracting attention (raves, swoons) for more than 25 years.

sun painting

″Elegant and fun. Timeless, Classic. Full of Whimsy.″

That′s how customers describe Sarah and the Dovecote collection (″An experience that shouldn′t be missed″) which has been featured in Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, and At Home magazine.

Dovecote store

Sarah′s adventure in retail began at Neiman Marcus; a buyer there for years, she then moved on to Barney′s New York where she bought European and American sportswear and designed their Private Label collection Great Jones Home, the Seattle home and design store Sarah opened in 1999 expanded her taste-making range. Re-homing in Connecticut, she followed up with Dovecote, the Westport home store featuring an impeccably tasteful, distinct, endlessly playful mix of antique and modern furnishings that Sarah collected all over the world.

Dovecote store

A destination for stylish shoppers world wide, Dovecote was named Architectural Digest Magazine′s ″Best Design Store,″ topped Connecticut Magazine′s ″Best in Connecticut″ list (for eight straight years) and sealed Sarah′s reputation as a taste-maker.

Middlemarch: a carefully curated, one-of-a-kind collection of jewelry, accessories and other things she loves, is the latest step in Sarah′s brilliant, very chic, career. 

Sarah lives with her husband Robert Aldrich (kind and very patient) and their five and seven-year-old sons, Henry (kind, gentle and pre-occupied with the fate of the planet since he was four) and Samuel (strong-willed, independent, fond of power tools). The family shares their Easton home with three rescue dogs: Ernie and Clifford, who can barely walk and Oscar who, like Sarah, comes from Toledo, Ohio.